Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday

Hi!! I am so glad you came by today because today is my birthday!! I love my birthday! So help yourself to  a piece or two this cake I painted!! (Less calories) I do love my birthday!Do you know what I mean? I feel Like there is a sign on my forehead with twinkling lights that says "BIRTHDAY GIRL!" I love love love it! When I was little I rarely had a party because I had a summer birthday. I am so not complaining because most of the time I was at the beach with my family! And y'all know how I love the beach! This summer is no different... I am at the beach with my man. He is so fine! This week we found ourselves with no children, and so we decided to take a quick trip to the beach for the weekend. I must admit I am not really a gift person. I LOVE to give a gift but I have never been one to receive very well. For those of you familiar with love languages my love language is physical closeness... or  hanging out with the people I love. For example, I love just being wherever my husband is. If he is working in his shop I just love hanging with him.  He does not even have to talk to me I just love being where he is. If he is running errands I love to just ride in the truck with him. Having said that, I realize that when my birthday rolls around my sweet husband feels like he needs to buy me a gift. I get it's difficult for the big day to arrive and all you've got is "Happy Birthday,Baby." Even this morning he has this sad face on and says "I can't believe I have nothing for you to open on your birthday!" It's so sweet. However, I have to say his track record with gifts is not great. One year, sweet thing, he really branched out and got me a piece of jewelry. I must say I was so surprised and when I opened it I was even more surprised. It was a gold necklace with a floating heart the size of my pinky nail. And it was the gift that kept on giving, as I handed it to him to put on me he said "Did you see the diamond in the heart?" Y'all to this day we laugh hysterically about that gift. And if that wasn't enough it would not even fit around my neck. I think he got it in the children's section. What a memory. One year I specifically said NO GIFTS just dinner and a movie with you all by myself. On his way home from the office he couldn't stand it and ran by the jewelry store AGAIN! Before we got out at the restaurant he handed me the box and I just gave him a look like "Baby!" Anyway I opened it and we both just died laughing and he took it back the next morning. When will he ever figure out that He is enough?! Tonight will be the perfect birthday! At the beach, Supreme pizza from Angelina's , and my baby.

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  1. Oh, the gift thing!!! My guy pretty much gets it right every time (now) - because I'm a big blabbermouth about what I like, etc. But there was that Christmas when I said "We won't 'do' gifts this year - and he didn't!" (Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth...) :)
    But you are a lucky woman to have a guy who tries so hard! A gift my husband can always give me: a G/C or a trip to the Art Store!!!
    Happy Birthday beautiful Ruthie! Enjoy your guy and your time at the beach! Thanks for the cake, too, it's perfect!!!!