Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week One

DSC_1078I am so glad you stopped by! Today is May 1, so I decided to begin my 52 week creative DSC_1077challenge. Have you been thinking about what you might want to create? I ran into a sweet friend not to long ago, and she said she didn't consider herself to be creative. However, after reading my blog about creating one thing a week for 52 weeks, she said she looked at the world a little differently. I love that! She said she took a little more time to notice the beauty around her. She did not commit to creating "one thing a week", but she did say she would think about creating one thing a week! I heard a professional photographer speak last week and he said the first step to any project is to conceive it. The second step is to produce it, and the third is to get it out there. So I'm going to let my friend "think" about creating for a couple of weeks, and then I'm going to challenge her to "produce" it.

DSC_1081 For the first week my choice of projects was easy! Today is my baby's birthday, and I love a birthday! I got up early this morning and decorated the kitchen with a banner and balloons. That was my first creative thing today. I've wrapped her gifts with fabulous paper and ribbon. My second creative thing. I'm heading to her work a little later and decorate her desk with balloons and a handmade banner. My third thing. I made strawberry cupcakes with white icing and chocolate sprinkles. My fourth thing. Then, I love this, I put each cupcake into a cup and into a clear treat bag, tied it with a ribbon and placed them in a cupcake tree to take to her work! My fifth thing.  Then I will wrap this little gift I made for her and leave it on her desk. My sixth thing. This is my favorite thing I made. I made a photo copy of a photo I had and cut her out of the picture. I covered a small board with book pages and then glued her photo to the board. Then I just used decorative papers and paints and inks to create her little birthday love note. I'm going to wrap it in cellophane and put a big pink bow on it and surprise her at work. Those are all easy, fun, creative things anyone can do. It takes a little time and a little effort, but it makes a big impact! Handmade is special. It's thoughtful and it's one of a kind.

I hope this inspires you to create a little something this week! Don't just think about it, make it! I love it!                                             Love love love Ruthie



  1. Well I was feeling pretty good about making my first pocket tee today...until I read what all you've done today!!! MC will be so excited to be celebrated in such a special way!! Oh my, this will be her last birthday as a single girl!!! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Could u tell me what paints and how u did the typed words ? Thanks