Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 Yesterday I went to the gym with my twins to workout. I must admit it's been awhile since I've lifted weights and I had to make myself go. It was hard getting there, but once I got started I was good. However, this morning I could hardly move, and every muscle in my body was asking "What were you thinking?" Along those same lines, I had a precious group of women come paint in my studio. For some of them it had been a while since they had painted. They were hesitant to put paint on the canvas, and when they did they scraped it off a couple of times and started over and over and over....I love it!

It's tough when you "get out of the swing" of things! If I were more consistent about going to the gym, it would be easier to go and less painful! I encouraged my painting class to keep paints out at home and try to paint a little each day. Then when they come again Monday night, putting paint on the canvas will be much more fun and less intimidating.

I think life gets so busy sometimes we find ourselves out of the swing of a lot of things. Communication being a big one! How many times do you think something and get busy and forget to say it out loud? How many times do you think about writing a note and it never gets written? Do you think sweet things about your husband and never tell him? What about your children? Do they amaze you every day and you keep it to your self? What is that?! I love when someone speaks to me! I love when someone encourages me! I love getting notes in the mail! I know you do too! Then why do we hold back? Why do we not say things out loud? Why do we not encourage those around us? Do we forget? Are we lazy? Are we afraid? My challenge today is to write at least one note, not an email! And be intentional about communicating your thoughts and feelings! Thank someone more than once! Be intentional about encouraging those around you, even if you don't know them!  Go out on a limb and tell someone you love them! I'm so excited about this challenge I can hardly stand it! I just love to love and encourage people! It's so much fun! So get started! and leave me a comment on how you were intentional about communicating out loud! I love it!!!!!!             Love love love Ruthie

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