Friday, March 9, 2012

Sharing Your Gifts

The Birthday Girl

Artists: Shelby, Merideth, Towns, Annie, Kaitlyn

The Demo
Acrylic on Canvas
Welcome back! I've been thinking about you since yesterday's post wondering what you were creating or thinking about creating and how you were sharing your gifts with those around you. I've gotten so many messages and comments on yesterday's post I thought I would share with you one fun and easy way I was able to share my love for teaching and painting. My baby turned 20 the other day and wanted to do something "birthdayish" with a few of her friends. So ... I invited them to drive over from school and paint in my studio. It was the most fun ever! My daughter had gotten pink roses for her birthday from her sisters, so those made the perfect subject for our painting. I set up easels and canvases for each girl. The tables were so colorful with paints and brushes and of course cupcakes and cookies. It was the perfect back drop for a creative evening. The girls arrived around 8:00 pm and we spent the next 2hrs. painting and laughing and eating cupcakes. We had a ball! The paintings were fabulous! and I loved how different the paintings turned out, and how each one captured their personalities perfectly! What a fun night! The girls are beautiful and sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed having them in my studio! What a treat for me to be with them and get to share my gifts with them. Fun and easy! I love that!  So if I can do it so can you! Go out on a limb and share your gifts. Bless someone today!
I so look forward to hearing about you!
love love love Ruthie


  1. Ruthie... I think I tell you a few times a month but I love you and want to be a Carlson family member! The fun, love, creativity and everything else WOW I love me some Ruthie

  2. I love this Ruthie. I'm with Julie I want to join the Carlson family . I am grateful we are all part of God's Kingdom. Miss you and glad you are busy sharing the gifts the good Lord has given you. I am starting to teach as well and have my second class in two weeks. Can't wait to motivate and inspire others to paint and hopefully meet Our Lord in the process.