Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creative Gifts

Green Apples
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holiday Studio
I'm so glad you stopped by! It's been a while since I could really sit down and write and  I'm glad to be back! First let me say that Valentine is doing great! She is eating and playing and doing all the "cow" things she should be doing! Thank you for all the messages and emails!
I also took some time off to paint in Atlanta with artist Lorraine Christie. She is a beautiful painter, and I learned a lot from her. I traveled with my friend Julia, and all we did was paint and talk about paint! Heaven! We spent hours in a fabulous art store, Julia called it a "candy store" We filled our baskets with lots of fun new "candy"!!!!! My brain clicked 100 miles an hour the entire trip of ideas, projects and paintings that I'm eager to begin. I could hardly wait to get home and get started!
What sends you over the moon? I mean, what's your "candy" store? What do you enjoy? What are your creative gifts? Why is that such a hard question to answer? We all have creative gifts. What is yours? Do you grow flowers or magically arrange them to brighten someone's day? Do you breathe life into an old chair with paint and pillows? Is your kitchen your studio where you create fabulous foods? Do you preserve memories with scrapbooking? Do you sew million dollar fashions from four dollar fabric? Do you sing? Do you glue? Do you draw? What do you dream?
Nurture those gifts!! Don't wait till you think you have time, do it today! Start with a journal sketching or writing thoughts or ideas or recipes or whatever you think. Just put it in print! Then look around your community and take a class that grows your interest! You will not only learn something, but you will meet people with similar dreams! If there is not a class in your community, search for online classes! There are so many to choose from and they're great!
Once you've begun to nurture your gifts, I want to challenge you to share your gifts with those around you! For example, if cooking is your thing, you might invite friends over  for a cooking demonstration and then allow them to participate and eat what they create! Teach children in your neighborhood. Give away a meal! Do a ladies lunch for your mom and three of her friends. You get the idea! So quit putting it off! Get your journal and start today! Try something new! Be brave! Create!
Please! Please! Please! share with me what you're doing and how you're blessing others with your gifts! It so encourages me and I love hearing about you!
Go create!!!! love love love Ruthie


  1. First of all - GREAT painting! Wow wow WOW! And then... I paint... I sing (only for me), I write, I bake.... I think that's it. And I agree - DO it! I try to do one thing every day that scares me. Kind of like Dreama's big green frog, that you have to eat before you can do anything else!

  2. Thank you for encouraging us! I'm so happy to hear Valentine is doing well!!! That makes me smile!! I think my greatest gift has been journaling to my girls, since the day they were born, through scrapbooking. Every picture I've taken of them is in a scrapbook with the story behind it. I love scrapbooking and those scrapbooks are so special to us. I also love to bake and share yumminess with family and friends.