Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glitz and Glam

[caption id="attachment_1955" align="alignleft" width="224"]Paper mache jewelry in the studio today Paper mache jewelry in the studio today[/caption]

I'm so glad you stopped by! Summer is flying by and I'm trying with all my might to catch it! I really am. My children call me "Vacation Barbie" because I'm constantly wanting to put off summer reading and math reviews to play in the art room. They secretly love it!

I honestly believe there is a "crafter" inside of all of us. We have different styles and techniques, but we are all creative. When my children were little, we would make masks from paper plates, puppets from paper bags, and elaborate chalk drawings filled the driveway almost every afternoon waiting for daddy to get home. The crafts were fabulous, the finished product always a surprise, but my favorite part was and still is  the process. It's during the process that all the good stuff happens. For example, designing a zoo for hours with chalk in the driveway was great, but it was the conversations during the creative process that I treasured most. The precious conversations when they are little are so important. That's when you teach and shape what their little hearts think and believe. That's when you nurture those relationships between siblings. That's when the magic happens! It really does. There is nothing like it! When they get a little older they paint fingernails and toenails more than canvases, but the process is still the same. Put down the  phone or the laundry and paint your nails! I promise the laundry will be there when you're done! Conversation might not be!

Vacation Barbie was in the art room the other day with KK. We put off laundry and dinner to design our own paper mache jewelry. New projects are the best. It gets wheels turning, ideas blooming, and of course always promotes fabulous conversation! This was a blast! We made bracelets out of newspaper. A couple of them were horrible, but a couple of them turned out kind of cool. I've not worn any of them, but remember, it's all about enjoying the process. Having said that, get out your glue and newspaper, find your children (no matter what age) and follow along! Enjoy the process!


First I gathered up my materials. You will need: mod podge, cardboard, scissors, tape, newspaper, craft paint. I cut a piece of cardboard from an old oatmeal box. I eyeballed a width I liked and cut it to fit loosely on my wrist. Obviously no measuring here.


Next I taped my cardboard into a circle in order to make my bracelet form. I decided at this point I wanted my bracelet to be thick and not flat, so I padded the bracelet form with dry folded newspaper like you see in this photo. I taped it into place and began the paper mache process.


Let me say, if you did this when you were younger, not much has changed. I think I use to use wall paper paste. Mod podge is so much easier!!! Have fun. I tore the newspaper into strips and covered each strip one at a time with mod podge. Then I began wrapping the bracelet with the wet strips of paper until the form was completely covered in strips of mod podged paper. (I used my fingers to spread the mod podge rather than a brush. I thought it was easier. Messy, but easy)

DSC_1104I like this pic because you can see how thick my bracelet is. I like that. I also like that my sides are soft and rounded. Once you've covered your bracelet in mod podge and paper, I put another light coat of mod podge just for good measure. I took this opportunity to smooth any rough edges and add paper where I felt like it was sparse or lacking.

IMG_1585This was the fun part and the hard part. You have to wait for the mod podge to completely dry.That is definitely the hard part! I have to say, I let mine sit overnight. You don't have to wait that long, you just want to be sure it's dry. Then the fun begins. Paint! Paint! Paint! I chose to paint mine lime green with stripes. I love green. Be creative! Paint it. Be dazzle it. Add glitter. It's all you! Whatever you like! Go for it.


You're done! Easy and fun! I love that! When I was finished painting and it was completely dry, I added a coat of mod podge to seal the paint and give it a little shine! I am all about a little sparkle and shine! So get out your glue and paper mache something today. Remember it's all about the process! Enjoy!                                     love love love Ruthie









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