Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big Pool

Beach Baby
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
For sale at
Blue Giraffe
Watercolor, Florida


I was at the pool today swimming with four of our five children, and it was so much fun! I am at the stage where we just float and talk. I know I am blessed that my teenagers want  to float with me in the pool! (That is another blog for another day) Anyway, this adorable little thing waddles past us wearing a precious ruffled bathing suit and a water logged diaper with the biggest slushy smile you have ever seen. One of my babies said"Mom, do you wish you had one of those?" I laughed and responded with a huge "YES!"as my heart was immediately flooded with vivid memories of our children in floaties and goggles eating or "wearing" fruit popsicles in the 5 dollar, blue, plastic pool in the back yard. Truly priceless!
My oldest daughter and I were talking about this today. We were saying Sometimes we sit in our 5 dollar pools and find ourselves afraid to venture out of the back yard. Why? Maybe fear of losing what is familiar. Maybe fear of change. Maybe fear of failure. Maybe fear of disappointment . Maybe that good old fear of the unknown. What is it that keeps us holding on to yesterday? If I held too tightly to the blue plastic pool then I would miss out on the joy of floating with my teenagers in the huge pool with fountains , slides , and a snack bar that serves slushies and grilled chicken salad. It seems like my nest is changing every day. I have definitely collected some amazing memories...lots of string and pine straw. And everyday we are adding new string and new pine straw, and it's good! Floating was good today.
I am so glad you stopped by again today! Leave me your favorite pool time memory. I love hearing from y'all!!!!!! love love love Ruthie

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